LED Oil – A Brand New Rubio Monocoat Innovation

Apr 28, 2018Featured Product

Rubio® LED Oil is a high-quality hardwax oil, which, just like all the Rubio products, is based on their signature technology of molecular binding.

Thanks to this unique technology, Rubio® Monocoat LED Oil has the following qualities:

  • is applied in 1 coat
  • 0% VOC
  • natural look and feel
  • lasting protection and colouring of the wood
  • easy to maintain with RMC product range
  • easy to use, no overlaps possible
  • can be used on almost all wood types
  • 40 unique, intense colours

The combination of durability, wear resistance and ease of maintenance, makes RMC LED Oil a perfect partner for the project market. When the RMC LED Oil comes into contact with LED light, the oil will cure instantly and the floor can be immediately walked on.

Further information on the Rubio LED Oil can be found here.

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