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Novy Hobs for an intuitive kitchen

December 2, 2021  |  

Novy is known for perfectly combining design and functionality.
In order to make the cooking experience even more optimal, the brand is constantly working on innovative elements. This innovation is what makes our Novy Hobs some of the most advanced and intuitive available on the market. 

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This success boils down to not only a very technologically advanced cooking hob with features that include flexible cooking zones, Automatic pot detection and maintenance notifications for grease and carbon filters, but a hob that also communicates with the other cooking technology in your kitchen.
This is best highlighted with our hobs InTouch technology.
This technology combines both cooker hood and induction hob into one, without the need for remote control, creating a system that is both wireless and seamless. 

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However, what about a home that does not have space for a cooker hood? Open-plan kitchens and kitchen islands are also an increasingly popular choice because today’s kitchen is a place not just for cooking, but for living in.

With this in mind, Novy gives you the Downdraft Extractor Units.
This is a Novy induction Hob with a built-in extractor unit that can be used whilst cooking.
By integrating the extractor into the worktop, Novy gives you unlimited freedom in the design of your dream kitchen. The ventilation tower is concealed within the hob itself and rises to remove cooking vapours directly at the source – next to the pans.
These units are available in three versions: Novy Panorama, Novy One and Novy Up.

With Panorama, Novy proves that a hob with extraction can be stylish and discreet, without any compromise on functionality. The sleek black designer extraction tower in semi-transparent glass is height-adjustable, so it removes fumes at source. It is also discreetly integrated into the hob and only visible when you’re cooking, eliminating visual clutter. 

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Novy Up is a downdraft extractor that can be combined with Domino induction hobs. Novy Up allows you to choose between five fixed cooking settings. The design is in line with other models in the downdraft extraction selection (such as the One and the Novy Panorama), which have also been developed as a cooker hood and hob in one.

The Novy One is also both a cooker hood and hob in one. The extractor towers only appear when you effectively start cooking. That's visually pleasing, but the position also makes the One a very efficient extraction system. The tower is located in the middle of the hob. Closer to the source, and also at the same height as the pots and pans. This means that the fumes are immediately extracted, even before unpleasant odours can occur. A discreet tilting valve also allows the system to work in an even more targeted way.

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The ingenious system of our hobs with the extensive range of built-in technology and subtle design creates a cooking station for a calm and spacious kitchen in any home.

If you are interested in becoming a Novy provider please contact [email protected] or call (01) 4600064.

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