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ADVANTRA® Packaging Adhesives

ADVANTRA® packaging adhesives are raising adhesive standards to a higher level. From case and carton sealing to tray forming and more, multi-purpose ADVANTRA® packaging adhesives are proving their value in a wide range of packaging applications.

ADVANTRA® adhesives provide superior performance at the lowest overall adhesive cost of any hot melt on the market today.

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Advantra® Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives offer you the ultimate in performance. 

Our reliable products ensure superior bonding, pot stability, clean machining and lowest total cost of ownership. 

Even at extremely high or low temperatures, the Advantra® packaging hot melt adhesive line offers the sealing advantage you need.


Advantra® Packaging Adhesives are the leading high performance packaging adhesives in the world. 

Our low and high temperature adhesives offer exceptionally clean delivery and unmatched bonding that translate to substantial savings for you. 

Experience the Advantra® brand advantages.


Advantra® Adhesives clean consistent machining reduces maintenance, repair and parts replacement.

Stronger bonds with less adhesive achieve greater mileage.

Adhesive performance from -40°F to 165°F on a broad array of substrates, makes Advantra® Hot Melt the only adhesive you need across multiple lines.

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