Lamello 126005 Rasto Drill Jig Basic Set

165.00 ex VAT

Advantages and features Rasto

  • Fast and precise drilling
  • Drills and all types of workpieces
  • Drilling without marking off and measuring
  • Holes for handles and row bores in 32 mm grid
  • Application Example Rasto
  • 1. Pin positioning and side drilling
  • 2. Transfer setting and drill the counterpiece
  • 3. Screw in the Invis Mx connector and threaded bolt.
  • 4. Close the connection to the MiniMag Mx.
  • 5. The cabinet is ready

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Lamello Rasto Basic

The drilling jig allows precise drilling into any workpiece without measuring or drilling, making it ideal for Invis and numerous other drilling applications.

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