Lamello Cabineo 12 For Corner Joints

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  • The CNC connector of the future
  • Efficient machining and faster assembly
  • Surface machining, no edge drilling necessary
  • Cabinets shipped flat-packed with connectors pre-installed
  • Panels virtually self-locate due to slightly protruding screw
  • Accurate, fast assembly with a cordless drill
  • Cabineo 12 for corner joints
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Cabineo 12 is designed for use on corner joints in material of 16mm thickness and above.

Cabineo is a one-piece connector, designed to join cabinet panels and other panel furniture elements. The Cabineo connector offers many advantages in the manufacture of cabinets. Its design means it can be machined on all CNC machines, including 3-axis machines, nesting machines and CNC routers.

The Cabineo connector fits into a drilled or routed recess, which is machined solely from the surface. The machining process saves a great deal of time as there is no additional edge drilling required. Compared with a cam and dowel, the Cabineo connector offers more efficient machining and faster assembly. The body of the Cabineo connector is a glass-fibre reinforced moulding, it is simply tapped into its recess.

Pre-installing the connectors does away with the need to pick and ship a separate bag of fixings. Cabinets can be shipped flat-packed complete with connectors, simplifying final assembly.

Cabineo connectors have a very high clamping force. The slightly protruding screw quickly locates into its corresponding 5mm hole. A cordless drill makes short work of completing the joint.

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