Lamello Poistioning Pins D5Mm For Zeta

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  • Pair of Pins
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Instead of using an angle aggregate, the Zeta P2 power tool can be used to cut the P-System groove in the centre of the surface. To do so, drill two 5 mm positioning holes spaced at 101 mm in the work piece surface using the CNC machine. These are required to align the Zeta P2 on the work piece.

The Zeta P2 is the profile biscuit joiner for P-System anchorage, and the Clamex P connector range in particular, and is used to connect wood materials..

The integrated vertical mechanical drive on the cutting spindle of the Zeta P2 is the centre-piece of this profile biscuit joiner. During the cutting process, the vertical mechanical drive automatically performs a vertical movement to create the profile groove. All P-System fittings are then manually inserted into this groove, ensuring a fast form-locking anchorage.

The Zeta P2 can cut P-System grooves for connecting fittings with varying installation depths simply by turning the P-System depth adjuster, thus removing the need to change cutters..

The vertical movement for the profile groove is triggered automatically when the maximum cutting depth is reached and requires just a fraction of a second. The vertical mechanical drive combines process security and reliability with a low-wear, fully mechanical construction..

The Zeta P2 can also be employed as a standard biscuit joiner for original biscuits by simply deactivating the profile groove function and changing to a 4mm blade.

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