Tenso P14 Clamping Connector Starter Kit With Preloader

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  • Self-locking, self-clamping for rapid assembly
  • Invisible fitting clamps with a tensile force of 15kg
  • Requires no further clamping
  • Glue up sections then proceed immediately with the rest of the project
  • Pre-loading lowers the force required without lessening the final power
  • P-System slot cut with either Lamello Zeta P2 or with factory CNC machine
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The Tenso is part of the Lamello Zeta connector range; it anchors in the T-slot in the 'P' system groove. This invisible fitting clamps two parts together with a tensile force of 15kg.

The retention force of 25kg makes a tight connection that does away with the need for clamps.

Use the Tenso with glue or with normal biscuits or other 'P' style connectors.

Tenso connectors allow you to glue up sections of furniture and then proceed immediately with the rest of the project. You do not have to spend time adding clamps, nor are there any clamps obstructing further work.

The Tenso’s high clamping force is a very desirable feature resulting in a firm joint. However, when using several at a time, it requires a considerable amount of force to make the final connection.

For this reason, Lamello offer clips that can be pre-loaded in order to lower the amount of force required to make the connection without lessening the final clamping power. Pre-loading takes the form of inserting a small triangular clip between the teeth of the Tenso.

Available in packs containing Tenso and pre-load clips, Tenso connectors only or packs of pre-load clips only.

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