Lamello P-System Connector Assortment Professional

771.00 ex VAT


  • 120 pairs Clamex P-14
  • 30 pairs Clamex P Medius
  • 30 pairs Clamex P-10
  • 80 pairs Tenso P-14 incl. clip
  • 30 pairs Tenso P-10 incl. clip
  • 20 pcs Bisco P-14
  • 20 pcs Bisco P-10
  • 80 pairs Divario P-18
  • Divario Installation Tool/Drill/Marking Gauge
  • Clamex P Installation Tool
  • Sortainer T-Loc
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This 3-drawer Sortainer case contains a variety of Lamello’s Clamex, Tenso, Bisco and Divario fittings. In addition, it includes the necessary jigs and installation tools.

The contents are more than enough to cover many projects. The Sortainer keeps everything organised and immediately accessible. It is easy to see if you are running low on a particular item and stock up accordingly.

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