Hettich Sensys in Obsidian Black

1 December 2017  |  

Hettich's soft close Sensys hinge is now available in obdisidan black.

It is the perfect choice on furniture with dark materials.

Watch the video below to learn how Sensys works.

4 reasons to go for Sensys obsidian in black

sensys obsidian black
Hettich Sensys Obsidian Black Hinge

1. Fewer hinges per door

Sensys provides the best silent and gentle closing performance in its class. This means that compared to similar products, many common door formats require one hinge less – while still benefiting from Silent System excellence.

2. Maximum customer satisfaction

Whether in a sunny kitchen or on arrival at an unheated ski lodge: with temperature resistant Silent System, Sensys always works reliably over a broad range of temperatures from 5°C to 40°C.

3. Quickly fitted – and works straight away

No matter how large or heavy the door may be: Sensys closes it gently and reliably. As a result of the unusually wide automatic closing angle of 35°, there is no need to adjust or deactivate Silent System elements.

4. Put the final touch to your furniture design

The elegant Sensys hinge in obsidian black complements the design of dark furniture with absolute perfection.

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