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12 October 2021

Lamello’s system solutions are synonymous with quality, innovation and excellent functionality, and are used across the globe where they have proven their worth millions of times over! Susanne Affolter, Managing Director and Owner at Lamello AG Never was a truer word spoken about a wood-joining system. Lamello as a brand, incorporates finesse, precision, ease of […]

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8 September 2021
Liebherr - Fridges That Stand The Test of Time

Deciding on a fridge is one of the most important parts of building a home. It's the motherboard of the kitchen and the heart of your home. In making such a decision, you want a fridge that will look timeless whilst also standing the test of time. Here at Liebherr, we guarantee the longevity of our […]

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7 July 2021
Liebherr Fully Integrated Range

Liebherr's new fully integrated range offers great design with great functionality.

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15 June 2021
Get Personal, Get AvanTech You from Hettich

When fitting out a home there are many things to consider to truly make it your own. Hettich's AvanTech You drawers offer the flexibility to personalise things just the way you want.

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28 April 2021
Rubio WoodCream

The days have gotten longer, the sun is starting to show its face and the whisp of summer is finally in the air again. With that, comes garden renovations.

The perfect time to spruce up the old shed is upon us. However, finding the right product for the job can be daunting. You want a product that’s going to last, look good, protect the wood but at the same time is ecologically sound.

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25 March 2021
Novy Extraction Solutions – What to consider when planning your new kitchen

Owain Harrison, UK country manager at Novy, the luxury Belgian surface cooking and extraction brand provides information and advice about the extraction options to consider when you are planning your new kitchen.

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3 February 2021
Designing a Kitchen? It’s the Little Things That Matter The Most

Sometimes it is the most subtle changes that can make the biggest difference to the look and feel of an individual’s design. The little things matter.

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1 December 2020
BluPerformance – The New Dimension in Refrigeration and Freezing

With increased time at home, kitchens are seeing an increase in upgrades. Focusing on what we use everyday, efficient refrigeration is becoming increasingly important. Learn what Liebherr's BluPerformance offers the modern home.

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3 November 2020
Just One Touch With The All New CAPTURA Lock

The all new CAPTURA lock from Lehmann offers an innovative RFID keyless lock solution suitable for many sectors.

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1 October 2020
As Individual As You: AvanTech YOU

A positive aspect to being stuck at home over the last few months is that many of us have had time to research our dream house, right down to the gloss level of the kitchen cabinets. This, coupled with the advantage of being able to research any item at length, while sitting on your sofa […]

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10 September 2020
Height Adjustable Desk – Ergonomics at the Touch of a Button

Written by Neil Foyle of NAA Ltd The Impact of COVID-19 Ever since Covid-19 struck the Irish shores the vast majority of workers have been forced to work from home. Some 83% of the 7,241 respondents to a recent new survey want to continue working from home at least some of the time, with 12% […]

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4 August 2020
Rubio Monocoat - A Company Ahead of the Curve

With the emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly products more than ever, Rubio leads the way with their range of products.

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13 July 2020
VIBO: Everything you need to know about the perfect wardrobe accessories

Great wardrobes are well organised spaces. Start your day calmly with an organised wardrobe using Vibo wardrobe accessories.

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3 June 2020
Sustainable Packaging and the Impact of Low Temperature Adhesives

As we continue our product of the month series, we take a closer look at innovative adhesive solutions and how they can assist our customers on their sustainable packaging journey.

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5 May 2020
Liebherr BioFresh - Fresher Food For Longer

With the ever-changing lifestyles of Irish consumers, and the move towards a greener and more sustainable environment, our home is where it starts. Especially now, in these uncertain times, food is one of our more precious commodities.

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3 April 2020
Hettich - Realising the Future of Folding Systems with WingLine L

Folding doors have revolutionised the traditional door and hinge mechanism. They offer a way to open the full length of a cabinet in one single motion without the need for multiple opening doors.

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18 July 2018
Liebherr SBSBS-8673 Premium Black Steel Side By Side Food Centre

Liebherr’s SBSbs 8673 leads the market with innovative design and features.Paired with Liebherr’s high quality SmartSteel finish, BlackSteel lends an appliance hi-tech appeal, timeless elegance and an exceptional textural depth.

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28 April 2018
LED Oil - A Brand New Rubio Monocoat Innovation

Rubio® LED Oil is a high-quality hardwax oil, which, just like all the Rubio products, is based on their signature technology of molecular binding.

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5 February 2018
Hettich Push To Open Silent For Drawers

As a pioneer of Push to open Silent technology, Hettich have added numerous new features to the second product generation. As a result, Push to open Silent provides the same convenience as electromechanical opening systems Soft closing is becoming standard in modern furniture trends.

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1 December 2017
Hettich Sensys in Obsidian Black

Hettich's soft close Sensys hinge is now available in obdisidan black. It is the perfect choice on furniture with dark materials.

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31 October 2017
Hettich Wingline L - Push To Open Sliding/Folding Doors

Hettich’s new WingLine L lets you produce folding sliding doors with a completely new level of functionality. Easily open large doors with an effortless touch.

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28 September 2017
Rubio Monocoat - Amazingly Different Wood Oil Technology

Rubio Monocoat products offer an innovative way of colouring and protecting wood, both inside and outside. One single layer - simple, durable and ecological.

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