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16 December 2016  |  

Achieving a fire rating has always been a headache for furniture manufacturers and interior designers and architects.

The ICA Group have developed a range of fire-retardant coatings for wood which comply with regulations on the prevention of fires and, in addition to their high levels of chemical and physical performance, also deliver an excellent quality of finish.

The Iridea fire-retardant range is composed of fire-retardant coatings that comply with the strictest regulations on the prevention of fire, from the UNI EN 13501 European standard, to the UNI 9796 Italian standard, all the way to the British Standard and the French NF Standard.

The Iridea fire retardant range includes transparent, white and pigmented coating cycles, with fire-reaction certification to meet any set of requirements. These cycles are very much appreciated by the market because they have high levels of chemical/physical performance and an excellent finish.

ICA Group’s RINA-certified cycles have considerable versatility since they can be successfully applied to a wide array of substrates.

  • Transparent fire-retardant bicomponent acrylic coating cycle.
  • Transparent fire-retardant bicomponent polyurethane coating cycle.
  • White and pigmented fire-retardant bicomponent polyurethane coating cycle.

To find out more, view the datasheet or visit their website for information on the complete range. Alternatively, contact our office on 01-4600064.

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