Liebherr SBSBS-8673 Premium Black Steel Side By Side Food Centre

18 July 2018  |  

Liebherr’s SBSbs 8673 leads the market with innovative design and features. Paired with Liebherr’s high quality SmartSteel finish, BlackSteel lends an appliance hi-tech appeal, timeless elegance and an exceptional textural depth.

This finish significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints on the doors and side walls, is easy to clean, and much less sensitive to scratches.

Liebherr’s BLUPerformance side by side’s offer more interior capacity, energy efficiency, quiet operation, ease-of-use and greater longevity of food than the conventional fridge freezer.

Liebherr's BLU Performance


Offering even more interior capacity for food storage, economy and energy efficiency, quiet operation, ease-of-use and exceptional design: Liebherr’s BluPerformance appliances set both a new direction in refrigeration and freezing, and new benchmarks.


In the BioFresh compartments food retains its healthy vitamins, aroma and appetising appearance significantly longer than in a conventional fridge. Through its advanced technology controlling humidity levels and the temperature is accurately kept at just above 0°C.


The plumbed-in IceMaker automatically keeps you topped up with the finest quality ice cubes so that you are prepared for every occasion.


Liebherr appliances labelled with a “SmartDevice” logo can be networked to the SmartDeviceBox, which allows the appliance to access further services and be controlled remotely from a computer or mobile device. The SmartDeviceBox is available as an accessory from early 2019.

Liebherr Smart Device

Further information on the Liebherr SBSbs 8673 can be found on the My Liebherr website here.

We have this model currently available in our showroom if you would like to come in and view this model for yourself.

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