Lamello Top 21 biscuit joiner, plug type G, in systainer

1,036.00 ex VAT

The original biscuit joiner with height adjustable blade from the inventor

SKU: 101500GSMM


Top 21 is the biscuit joiner from the inventor of the Lamello System and includes a height adjustable blade for cutting the 4 mm groove. The unique height adjustment of the cutter in steps from 0.1 mm to max. 4 mm allows positioning the groove in the middle of the material thickness. Precision in every component leads to perfect accuracy of the workpieces and saves time. The multifunctional stop square allows perfect mitres by applying on the exterior surface and stabilises the machine in vertical position.

Additional information

Weight 6.08 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 20 mm


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