BluPerformance – The New Dimension in Refrigeration and Freezing

1 December 2020  |  

Author: Senan Edwards

2020 has certainly been a year of change for all of us. ‘Home Improvements’ has become the real buzzword, from outdoor projects in the garden to painting the house and treating ourselves to new gadgets. Ultimately, we have been given time to reflect on what we really need in our homes and what will ultimately make our lives better and easier day to day.

Our kitchens, the heart of the home, have also had a splash of life with consumer spending on new kitchens & appliances on the increase. Irish families are looking for more functionality, space & environmentally efficient refrigeration. Liebherr, for so many years have been pioneers in refrigeration including BluPerformance & BioFresh technology.

BluPerformance, Liebherr’s most innovative appliance series, has offerings in the 60cm & 70cm width as well as the more generous Side-by-Side models with 121cm. These appliances offer even more space for food storage, making these appliances real space miracles. The integration of the refrigeration technology in the appliance plinth has created an additional 20 percent more usable volume. In combination with specially mounted compressors, this innovation creates a further advantage: the appliances are particularly quiet in operation and they consume even less energy.

With this technology, Liebherr has achieved a quantum leap in terms of energy efficiency. All BluPerformance appliances are available in the highest energy efficiency class A+++ and some are even 20 percent more economical. Nonetheless, they also offer the latest refrigeration technology such as innovative BioFresh climate zones for food storage. High quality materials, perfect workmanship down to the last detail, user-friendly and precise touch screen electronics define the range. Furthermore, they can also be networked with digital user devices such as your iPhone.

BioFresh technology

Liebherr’s unique BioFresh technology provides constant temperatures and ideal humidity, and therefore, at a temperature just hovering over 0°C, Edam cheese will remain fresh for up to 120 days in a BioFresh compartment (compared to just 10 days in a refrigerator compartment), and lettuce will keep fresh for a full 19 days (instead of 7 days). This not only saves you money - as you throw away less food - it also saves you time while allowing for less frequent visits to the shops. A BioFresh compartment keeps fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy products fresher for much longer than a conventional refrigerator compartment.

More space for your food

What makes the BluPerformance generation appliances particularly special is that all the innovative refrigeration technology has been integrated into the appliance plinth (or base) and, as a result, the appliances offer far greater net capacity. This means that there is noticeably more space for your food and drinks.

2.4" display

The BluPerformance range also offers a 2.4” touchscreen display located behind the door. This indicates the temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer compartments and, thanks to it being high resolution and high contrast, it is easy on the eyes and can be read from any angle. The menu is intuitive and easy-to-use.

Soft closing mechanism

BluPerformance appliances come with a premium-quality soft closing mechanism. Not only does it ensure that the refrigerator door closes automatically if left slightly open (which is bound to happen with more of our families home for longer periods of time), it also guarantees gentle secure and silent closure, even if the internal door shelving is fully stocked.

Activated charcoal filter

All BluPerformance fridge-freezers and refrigerators feature a FreshAir activated charcoal filter, which is integrated into the PowerCooling fan housing. It purifies the circulating air by quickly trapping contaminants and odours which always ensures premium air quality within the appliance.

N.A.A Ltd are proud distributors of Liebherr Appliances for 10 years now and would invite you to view our products online or you can visit our showroom at Crosslands Business Park, Lower Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, D12E292. Please contact us to book a socially distant appointment.

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