Hettich WingLine 770 and 780 For Folding and Sliding Doors

7 February 2017  |  

Attractive design and easy to construct

The perfect synthesis of high loading capacity, attractive design and fast installation:

WingLine 770. The folding door system simply hooks into the runner profile with guide rollers keeping it in place.

Quality that‘s felt in every movement. Designed for doors weighing up to 20 kg.

The WingLine 780 folding door system offers a smooth action incorporating a simple design.

Fitting it is very easy and practical: To fit shelves, the door panel detaches from the running element and simply folds back. Can be used for doors up to 10 kg each.


Technical details in brief

  • For one folding door with 2 panels
  • Overlay door position
  • For wooden doors
  • Suitable for use with soft-closing Sensys hinge
  • Door panel weight up to 20 kg
  • Door height up to 2200 mm
  • Door-panel width up to 500 mm
  • With WingLine 26 as bottom guide
  • Tested with 40000 cycles

WingLine 770/780 is always stocked in our warehouse in NAA.  Please get in touch on 01-4600064 or email carol@naa.ie for pricing and ordering.

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