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5 May 2020  |  

With the ever-changing lifestyles of Irish consumers, and the move towards a greener and more sustainable environment, our home is where it starts. Especially now, in these uncertain times, food is one of our more precious commodities.

In the 10 years from 2008, our organic waste collected in brown bins has dramatically increased from 19,000 tonnes to 113,000 tonnes, while the food waste in residual bins (black bins) has decreased by 14% compared to 24% in 2008 (*EPA Study – Forum on Food Waste 2019).

According to the Department of Communication, Climate Action & Environment (DCCAE), in Ireland there is over one million tonnes of food waste disposed of each year. Around 1/3 of this comes from households. Every household in Ireland is responsible for 117kg of food waste. The cost per household is between €400 and €1000 per year.

60% of this is avoidable food waste

Such waste includes: Plate scrapings, leftovers, gone off fruit and veg and passed its 'use by' date perishables.


BioFresh is an innovative, market leading, feature within the range of refrigeration products from Liebherr. The interplay of the optimal humidity combined with the optimal temperature is fundamental to lengthening the storage life and protecting the nutritional content.

BioFresh technology is based on the observation that food stays optimally fresh when stored at just above freezing point. The temperature in the BioFresh drawers is therefore constantly maintained at just over 0°C. These drawers act as freshness safes, each of which offers perfect conditions for certain types of food – and all in just one appliance.

If the BioFresh safe is set to HydroSafe, the humidity increases, and the HydroSafe climate keeps unpackaged fruit, vegetables and salads crisp and fresh for much longer. When the slider is open, the humidity falls and the BioFresh safe becomes a DrySafe.

Low humidity conditions are ideal for storing packaged fish, meat and dairy products. When stored in this comparatively dry environment, these products retain their flavour for far longer than in a traditional refrigerator compartment – cheese, for example, can last for up to 100 days.

Liebherr BioFresh App

The BioFresh app is free to download and provides lots of useful information about food and food storage, such as vitamin content and shelf life comparisons for conventional refrigeration versus BioFresh storage.

Accessing nutritional information about fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products has never been so easy; the vitamin and mineral content of 130 different foods can be viewed by simply tapping the screen. Just search for “Liebherr BioFresh” on iOS and Android.

Examples of how long food can be stored in BioFresh compared to conventional fridges.

So, what are the benefits of owning a Liebherr BioFresh fridge?

So, you may think that preserving your food is all BioFresh is good for? Well think again. There are many benefits to owning a refrigerator with BioFresh technology and they do not all specifically relate to the actual food that goes inside.

Here are our current top six benefits BioFresh can contribute to:

  • Money in your pocket – Your fresh food lasts significantly longer so you have more days to allow you to use it all. Therefore, you are not throwing food away, essentially throwing money down the drain. Additionally, less frequent trips to the store means a reduced risk of purchasing unnecessary items we do not really need. Remember, in Ireland we are losing between €400 - €1000 per year on food waste per household.
  • Social distancing – With fresh food lasting longer, you can shop less frequently and have more time to do the things you enjoy. Knowing that your food has a longer expiration date, you can avoid the effort of travelling to the shops for fresh foods every day. With current social distancing limitations, this is more important now than ever before.
  • Improving your health – Fresh foods stored in Liebherr BioFresh compartments retain more valuable vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial to your health and well-being. More and more people value a carefully balanced diet. The key to achieving this is eating fresh, high-quality food that's packed with important vitamins, trace elements and minerals. These nutrients provide energy, strengthen the immune system and support the metabolism in a completely natural way. The fresher food is, the higher its nutrient content.
  • Satisfaction for your taste buds – Fresh food is not only a health benefit, but it tastes better too. So, the longer it stays fresh, the longer it retains its taste, texture and valuable macronutrients.
  • Design & Functionality – Liebherr continues to impress with sleek German built design and easy to use functionality. Its aesthetically pleasing appearance can invigorate any kitchen design. Liebherr appliances are also equipped with the latest technologies (e.g. Liebherr SmartDeviceBox) which make them premium, market leading products.
  • Climate change – Less trips to the store can mean less vehicle pollution. Reducing food waste, means there is less of an impact on the environment, such as waste in landfills. When we know our personal footprint is making less of an impact on the environment, it can be beneficial to our peace of mind.

N.A.A Ltd are proud distributors of Liebherr Appliances and would invite you to view our products online or you can visit our showroom at Crosslands Business Park, Lower Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, D12E292 (when we re-open).

For enquiries you can email or call (01) 4600064.

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