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8 September 2021  |  

Deciding on a fridge is one of the most important parts of building a home. It's the motherboard of the kitchen and the heart of your home. In making such a decision, you want a fridge that will look timeless whilst also standing the test of time. Here at Liebherr, we guarantee the longevity of our fridges with units that are built to last. 

You can experience our quality standards in the smallest of details.

For example, before a door hinge is approved by us, it must pass through at least 100,000 opening cycles. This corresponds to a usage period of more than 15 years. We also test all other functional parts to ensure that they can last just as long. We have levelling bars to ensure that your fully integrated appliance works perfectly over this long period and stands firmly in place, even when the wood in the kitchen unit settles. They harmoniously compensate for any unevenness between the floor and the appliance, so that the fridge door always closes tightly. It may sound simple, but this is crucial for avoiding condensation and increased energy consumption. And if, contrary to expectations, a small detail no longer meets your requirements, you can usually correct it quickly, because all of our appliances are extremely easy to repair.

Liebherr keep all essential spare parts in stock for well over 10 years. This saves you money for minor repairs, or the purchase of a new appliance – and it also contributes to a more sustainable future.


However, we don't just say this, we also guarantee it.

During production, we take a very close look at all of the fridge components and test them far more thoroughly and more often than required by law – right up until the packaging stage. Only then may our appliances take a little rest. All our European production sites are certified according to ISO 9001 standard for quality and ISO 14001 standard for environmental management and ISO 50001. Therefore, it is wholly natural for us to guarantee you that for at least two years our products will be free of material and manufacturing defects and are particularly easy to install.

One thing is certain in any case: Your Liebherr will be a reliable companion for a very long time.

liebherr sound room

But we decided these tests weren't quite enough. We wanted to take our assessment further and prove that Liebherr appliances do indeed stand the test of time. We wanted to find a fridge that had aged and done so like a fine wine. 

And we found just that.

mary rock photo

It began after we were contacted by Mary and Patrick Rock of County Galway. Patrick (or Paddy) had been a Liebherr salesman over 40 years ago. In his position, and as Liebherr appliances expanded further, Paddy became more aware of the Liebherr Appliances brand and its guarantee of a long lasting and high-quality fridge. 

He went on to marry Mary in 1982 and the two have been a pair since. As a wedding gift, Paddy knew just what the perfect thing would be. Their very own Liebherr fridge!

Little did they know then, that this was to become Ireland's Oldest Fridge! With both their own, and their fridge’s 40-year anniversaries approaching in 2022, Paddy and Mary contacted us to let us know our search was over. They told us how their fridge had been with them throughout their life together as they raised their family. It had seen the wears and tears of a busy home life all the while without any issues! Except, Paddy advised us, “that two lightbulbs have had to be changed over the 40 years”. 

With Mary and Paddy, we had found the proof we were looking for. Not only had we found a fridge that had lasted the last 40 years but it had thrived with zero technical issues to boot, proving without a doubt that Liebherr fridges stand the test of time! 

N.A.A have been proud distributors of Liebherr for over 10 years in Ireland. If this article has piqued your interest in our high quality (and long lasting) fridges, we would like to invite you to visit our showroom at Crosslands Business Park, Lower Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, D12 E292 where you can view the range of Liebherr Appliances for yourself and marvel!

If you are interested in becoming a Liebherr dealer please contact or call (01) 4600064.

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