Novy Extraction Solutions – What to consider when planning your new kitchen

25 March 2021  |  

Owain Harrison, UK country manager at Novy, the luxury Belgian surface cooking and extraction brand provides information and advice about the extraction options to consider when you are planning your new kitchen. Novy features a range of different models to suit every type of kitchen and your lifestyle.

If you are refurbishing your old kitchen or extending your home to create an open plan kitchen and living space, then you will need to consider your extraction options before the layout is finalised. The size of the room, the type of ceiling you have and the ability to extract to an external vent can affect which model you should opt for. With a wealth of styles available from ceiling, integrated and decorative hoods to vented downdraft induction hobs, where cooking and extraction are combined, the entire aesthetic of your kitchen can be determined by your choice and personal style.

1. The most suitable size for your kitchen

The size of the cooker hood depends on the type you are having installed, but a general rule is that it should be as wide, or ideally wider than the hob beneath it, if it is an overhead style. If it is a telescopic or canopy version, it must be at least as wide as the hob. With extractor hobs, the ventilation tower sits within the induction hob itself and extracts cooking vapours at source, directly next to or behind the pans. This way, the only size consideration is the width of the hob to suit the size of your kitchen and the space required for the motor beneath it.

2. Ideal airflow for your space

The airflow of your cooker hood should be suitable for the dimensions of the room. Another benchmark is to make a simple calculation: measure the volume of the room, height by width by depth and then multiply by 10.

3. Noise levels

Another useful tip is to look at the decibel ratings. The sound of normal conversation tends to be between 60dB and 65dB so that should be your benchmark. The sound level of a quiet library is between 30dB and 40dB. It is Novy’s mission to ensure that all of its products are quieter than the sound of your cooking. Novy currently have 58 extraction models independently certified by Quiet Mark and is the only kitchen appliance brand to have received accreditation for its vented downdraft extractor hob models too. 

4. Energy efficient recirculation

If you are planning on an energy efficient solution, then it is recommended that you choose an extraction option in recirculation mode, which does not use additional energy to force air out to an external vent via ducting. Recirculation hoods are a fashionable option and the layout of your kitchen design can be much more flexible if you don’t have to factor in the measurements of ducting to an external vent. Most cooker hoods can work in extraction or recirculation modes, the latter with additional carbon filter kits. Novy also specialises in decorative recirculation models for the kitchen that feature Novy’s unique Pure 3.0 recirculation technology. This not only neutralises cooking vapours, including fish by between 95% – 100%, but also captures dust, with the innovative Monoblock carbon filters that do not require replacement for up to three years.

5. Perimeter extraction

Novy invented perimeter extraction, where air is forced into a small gap around the entire perimeter of the cooker hood and into the grease filters above the baseplate. This technology is very noise efficient and extremely effective. Novy also developed the first ceiling hoods and today, we have a wide range of advanced and super-quiet versions, with or without lighting, that are independently certified by Quiet Mark.

6. Vented downdraft hobs

When the extractor is actually part of the hob itself, there is no need to consider the placement of  overhead extraction. Concealed within the surface of the hob, a ventilation tower rises to extract cooking vapours at source, directly next to the pans, and then retracts when cooking has finished. Energy efficient and quiet, a vented downdraft induction hob is the most flexible option for your new kitchen. Novy now features a collection of venting hobs that are are Red Dot and Plus X award-winning and independently certified by Quiet Mark, the only kitchen appliance brand to have received this accreditation for these types of appliance.

What type of cooker hood will suit your kitchen layout?


Novy Pureline Compact PRO 90cm Intuitive Ceiling Hood 29-web
The Pureline Compact PRO also has a motor which is less than 20cm in height; it is very easy to install, and it is very quiet at 41dB at level 1.

Ideal for: enclosed or open plan kitchens above the hob, where cooking takes place on a kitchen island or peninsula.

Our Pureline ceiling hoods feature perimeter extraction and are both powerful and very quiet with a range of models available with or without lighting. The Pureline models are also activated by remote control or via the Novy Connect app. Our most recent additions to our 2021 ceiling hood collection go one step further as they are completely intuitive and require no manual intervention at all. Novy Pureline PRO and Pureline Compact PRO both feature Novy Sense – a unique sensor that not only detects cooking vapours but also the amount of humidity to automatically switch on, regulate the power level and then switch off when cooking has ended.


Novy Pure'line Compact 90cm Integrated Ceiling Recess Hood (Black) (6812)8-web
The Novy Pureline Compact is an integrated hood with adjustable LED Mood lighting.

Ideal for: enclosed or open plan kitchens with a recess where the hob is installed in the work surface above a run of base cabinetry.

Installed within a recess and discreetly concealed, this type of integrated cooker hood also features perimeter extraction and all of Novy’s Pureline models features and are independently certified by Quiet Mark as the quietest in category with a mimimum noise level starting at 34dB and a maximum noise levels of 61dB.


Novy Fusion PRO 90cm Anthracite Glass Canopy Hood (8740) Lifestyle 1.4 2-web
The Novy Fusion PRO has a shallow depth motor that sits in the cabinet above the hood and a tilting glass panel that is concealed when not in use.

Ideal for: galley or compact kitchens where surface cooking takes place beneath a run of space-efficient overhead cabinetry

When space is at a premium, make premium use of the space. A canopy or built-under hood is a great option for kitchens that need to maximise available storage. The Novy Fusion PRO is a canopy hood with a stylish tilting glass panel that is folded under the base of the overhead cabinetry until required. When opened at an angle of 40° the control panel is situated within the glass itself. The motor sits within the cupboard above and it is compact in size so other items can be stored as well.


The award-winning Novy Cloud Black is a 110cm Recirculation Ceiling Hood with adjustable LED lighting.

Ideal for: kitchens with an island or peninsula where it is not possible to extract to an outside vent; kitchens with concrete ceilings and kitchens in energy efficient or Passive Houses.

Using a simple ‘click and fix’ installation process, the Cloud collection of 110cm recirculation hoods are available in black or white colour options. With noise levels ranging from 36dB to 53dB, this is a very quiet cooker hood for the kitchen. Featuring Novy’s unique Pure 3.0 recirculation technology, it is powerfully effective at removing grease and cooking vapours from the kitchen. Adjustable LED lighting around the base can be used in task or ambient modes and it can be activated by remote control or via the Novy Connect app.


Novy MOOD Steel 108cm Recirculation Island Hood (7555) Lifestyle 23-web
The MOOD Steel is a 108cm decorative recirculation island hood with adjustable LED mood lighting.

Ideal for: kitchens with an island or peninsula where it is not possible to extract to an outside vent; kitchens with concrete ceilings and kitchens in energy efficient or Passive Houses.

The Mood is a stunning pendant style hood designed to be installed above a hob on a kitchen island and available in black, white and steel finishes. Featuring Novy’s unique Pure 3.0 recirculation technology, it is powerfully effective at removing grease and cooking vapours from the kitchen. As much a light source as a cooker hood, the central section is an adjustable LED light with task and ambient lighting. It is also very easy to install, using a click and fix system and it is operated by remote control or using the Novy Connect app.


Novy One PRO 78cm Vented Downdraft Induction Hob (1.1) Image by Darren Chung4-web
The award-winning Novy One PRO 78cm Vented Downdraft Induction Hob.

Ideal for: all kitchen layouts and can be installed in a kitchen island or peninsula, or in the worksurface above a run of cabinetry. For kitchens with any type of ceiling.

With a compact motor which takes up less than half a standard sized cabinet beneath the work surface the space-efficient 78cm Novy One was the first vented downdraft extractor manufactured by Novy. It features a central ventilation tower that rises up from within the hob to 10cm to extract cooking vapours at source – directly next to the pans – and it has a directional valve to draw from just one side if required. The Novy One is also an advanced induction hob with four octagonal zones that can be bridged on either side to become a single cooking area for larger pans. Ultra quiet with a max noise level of 50dB, it is also certified by Quiet Mark.

Novy Panorama PRO (1821) 88cm Vented Downdraft Induction Hob (1.1)6-web
The award-winning Novy Panorama PRO 90 Vented Downdraft Induction Hob provides an uninterrupted cooking surface and powerful extraction direclty behind the pans.

Ideal for: open plan kitchen layouts with a kitchen island or peninsula. For kitchens with any type of ceiling.

The Novy Panorama PRO is the only vented downdraft induction hob that features an uninterrupted cooking surface as the integrated ventilation tower is situated at the back of the hob itself. The tall slimline motor can be installed at the back of the cabinet beneath the hob and drawers of up to 40cm can be installed in front of it. Available in 90cm or new 120cm widths, it has four or five side-by-side cooking zones that can be bridged to create a larger zoneless area. The opaque glass ventilation tower rises up to 30cm to extract cooking vapours at source, directly behind the pans. It features touch controls and the ventilation tower can be adjusted using the Novy Connect app.

The new Panorama PRO 120 – the only vented downdraft induction hob with five uninterrupted side by side cooking zones.

About Novy


Powerful performance, silent extraction and connected applications. Many of our award-winning products are independently certified by Quiet Mark for their super-quiet operation.

The family-run business originally started as a bicycle manufacturer in 1907, making motorcycles from the 1940’s and then diversifying to make extraction and cooking products from the 1960’s. For over 55 years, Novy has been a specialist in cooker hoods and hobs, having developed the first silencers for cooker hoods and inventing perimeter extraction, for which it holds the original patent. Quality, craftsmanship and innovation characterize the products of this Belgian company, which has its manufacturing, development and production HQ in Kuurne, West Flanders.

Today, Novy employs around two hundred and fifty people and is the market leader in the field of cooker hoods in Belgium. Novy also has its own branches in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK, with distributors in Austria, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, Israel, and now Ireland.

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3 comments on “Novy Extraction Solutions – What to consider when planning your new kitchen”

  1. I am having a new kitchen installed soon and am interested in the Novy Panorama Vented downdraft induction hob. Could you tell me the cost of this product or or the other Novy Induction hobs.

    Thank you,

  2. We are placing navy panorama 120 in island. (42120). In preparation we introduced a 100mm duct through the concrete floor to exit to the outside. Is this of a sufficient size to serve the extractor when connecting the two duct outlets from the extractor to the ext duct?

    I have not seen a template for preparing the cutout in a granite worktop. The installation videos etc show the cutout already prepared before installing the extractor. How can I ensure the cutout will be in the correct position relative to the cabinet beneath. The dimensioned sketch in the installation guide is not clear.

    If I go for recirculation option because of the design of the kitchen units I only have 90mm clearance beneath the front of the units and 100mm beneath the cabinet. . Will this be sufficient if I need to remove the grill?

    1. Hi Terry, thank you for contacting us.
      NAA is no longer looking after Novy products at this point. We would like to refer you to their official page for any queries on Novy products. Thank you.

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