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1 August 2016  |  

We're pretty proud of ourselves here in NAA at the minute.......

We set ourselves three hefty goals about three months ago and are proud to announce we have achieved all three as of this weekend.

The goals were:

  1. Restructure the Management Team
  2. Create a new core catalogue with all our stock lines
  3. Launch of two new responsive websites - and


Our first goal was to restructure the management team. Part of this restructuring was to make members of our team who had the most experience and technical knowledge with certain products, responsible for that product range. This way we ensure our customers will get the best possible service and product recommendations.

For example:

This restructuring helped us greatly in evolving our catalogue from concept stage into a finished product.



This brings us to our second goal; creating and completing a comprehensive catalogue that included all our core stock lines.

This was something we had wanted to achieve for a long time.

As a company who represent such a wide range of partners and with a diverse range of stocked products, this was no easy feat, believe me.

The catalogue forms a large part of the content we now have featured on our new website and as such, we hope will be a useful tool for our customers.

Download your copy here or request a hard copy here.



The main consideration for our new NAA site was ease of use for our customers. We wanted to offer them an informative valuable experience and now, with our featured product each month, fresh content will hopefully encourage repeat visits.

The same concept was applied to the site. We identified who our visitors are and what they wanted to do on the site. This goal focused design allowed us create a pleasant user experience for visitors. We welcome all feedback, good and bad so we can constantly tweak and improve.

"I would very much like to thank the team who contributed greatly to us achieving our goals. I am so proud that we have such a strong, knowledgable and committed team and look forward to a long future with them. I would like to sincerely thank all our customers, new and old and hope they continue on our journey and wish them a very successful future."

adds Conor Hickey Managing Director, NAA Ltd.

We hope you enjoy our two new sites and find our new catalogue useful. We look forward to working with our existing and new customers for a long time and are 100% committed to improving your online experience.

We would very much like to hear what you our customers think of our site so we can continually improve it. Feel free to comment below and you can also signup for our newsletter.

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