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Lamello’s system solutions are synonymous with quality, innovation and excellent functionality, and are used across the globe where they have proven their worth millions of times over!

Susanne Affolter, Managing Director and Owner at Lamello AG

Never was a truer word spoken about a wood-joining system. Lamello as a brand, incorporates finesse, precision, ease of use and generally makes the life of the woodworker a breeze! However, despite the numerous stellar Lamello products that exist we cannot discuss Lamello without giving attention to our favourite product that, according to our customers, “is a game changer” (Andrew Murran - Woodworker, Dublin).

The Zeta P2

The Zeta P2 is the profile biscuit joiner for P-System anchorage Joining Biscuits range (the Clamex P and Tenso P connector ranges in particular) and is used to connect wood materials.

The integrated vertical mechanical drive on the cutting spindle of the Zeta P2 is the centre-piece of this profile biscuit joiner. 

During the cutting process, the vertical mechanical drive automatically performs a vertical movement to create the profile groove to fit the lamello joining biscuits. 

All P-System fittings are then manually inserted into this groove, ensuring a fast form-locking anchorage.

The Zeta P2 can cut P-System grooves for connecting fittings with varying installation depths simply by turning the P-System depth adjuster, thus removing the need to change cutters.

For those reading this and then worrying about the cutting depth then being too large, fear not. The vertical movement for the profile groove is triggered automatically when the maximum cutting depth is reached and only takes just a fraction of a second removing any room for error and saving valuable time!

Finally, (as if all this wasn't enough for one tool) the Zeta P2 can also be employed as a standard biscuit joiner for original biscuits by simply deactivating the profile groove function and changing to a 4mm blade.

The Zeta P2 however is nothing without the biscuits designed to use with it. Each Biscuit in the P-System is unique, with extra attributes to each range. However, in use with the Zeta P2, we find time and time again that both the Tenso P-14 and the Clamex P-14 are firm Favourites.

Tenso P-14

The Tenso P-14 is a self-clamping connector with three functions: alignment, clamping and connecting.

The very high level of clamping force allows work pieces to be glued without the need for screw clamps for pressure. You can also be certain of a completely concealed joining system with Tenso products.

Based on the innovative P-System profile groove from Lamello, the connector also facilitates strong anchorage in the workpiece in just seconds without the need for tools. The two-part concealed connector meets the requirements for the implementation of a completely new connection process in interior fitting. It is an innovative connection method that facilitates an unprecedented level of flexibility, speed and simplicity throughout the entire design, production, transport and assembly process. Although the connector boasts excellent tightening force, this version is intended for use as a gluing aid.

The additional option of preloading the connector prior to glue applications now enables use for all angles and mitres. The individual preloading of the joining elements considerably reduces the required amount of force when connecting the workpieces, which is another benefit to the user. With the option to install the connector offset (surface 10 mm, edge 18mm) it is possible to use the Tenso already from 13mm panel thickness or for dividers from 19mm.

Clamex P-14

The Clamex P-14 is a detachable furniture fitting on the basis of the P-System anchorage and is connected with a lever. The form-locking P-System anchorage allows for an exceptionally fast and powerful anchorage in the work piece without tools. Clamex P needs neither glue nor screw, providing the woodworker with uncountable advantages in the production process and in the differentiation from standard furniture fittings. For example, Clamex P can serve to join either detachable or glued furniture mitres. The small 6mm openings for hexagonal keys make the fitting unique and differentiate Clamex P from standard furniture fittings.

N.A.A are proud distributors of Lamello in Ireland. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom at Crosslands Business Park, Lower Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, D12 E292 where you can view the Lamello products for yourself and marvel!

If you are interested in becoming a Lamello provider please contact or call (01) 4600064.

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